Hi, I'm Rebecca, and I'm a transformational Health Coach!

How to Kick the Sugar Habit

I help high-achieving women who struggle with their body image to LOVE the skin they're in, by following step-by-step guidelines around healthy ways to approach eating, exercise and lifestyle with my Total Body Transformation System and my More Energy Cleanse.

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free masterclass: how to kick the sugar habit!

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We’re going to talk all about what sugar does in your body, why we start and can’t stop and I’m going to show you how to transform sugar cravings, so you can kick the habit for good!

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''Before seeing Rebecca I was in a very unhappy place, I was always tired and struggled to function with normal daily tasks. From completing the 90-Day program I am now so much more aware of my body and understand the reasons why I may get a headache or why I feel totally drained.  Thank you, Rebecca, you've been such a support and really helped guide me to a happier, healthier lifestyle.'' - Katie Marshall, United Kingdom

''I have just finished my More Energy Cleanse and feel amazing!  This cleanse has given so much energy, motivated me to be healthier and look after myself! I've exercised for the first time in months and feel as though my mental health has improved. Eternally grateful." Emily. Grant, Australia

''I've just completed The Cleanse and I'm feeling healthier then ever! My mind is clear, I have heaps of energy, my digestive system is functioning as it should, I feel lighter & just "WELL"!." Jess Warner, Australia

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